Thank You America

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 I was recently watching the news and saw many, many people holding vigil for still more victims of murder by the police. In cities all over the country, as in past illegal police shootings, it’s amazing to see the number of people of all races and ethnicities coming together in a show of support and solidarity against these injustices.

Two black men, Philando Castile of Falcon Heights, Minnesota and Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana were both senselessly murdered by terrified police officers in fear for their lives. The victims were both totally guilty of living their lives while black.

Just to be clear, I believe the vast majority of police are good, courageous people who do this difficult job with compassion and integrity, and they are heroes
in their own right.

Thank you for the vigils and marches America, but do you think it going to be enough? We need to organize nation wide, and bring political and financial destruction to every individual and organization who protects, supports and enables these cowardly murderers.


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  1. Would be a good start, but the problem goes way beyond these groups and organizations. Hate speech should not be protected under the guise of “free speech”. Start there too.

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