Skydiving – How I became reborn

abradves (1)

I am super excited each time I step out each day to work. I learned a valuable lesson about an aspect of my life after taking skydiving lessons. And to cap it up, I met someone special during this time and everything seems to be going on very well. I am at peace with myself and have learned to face my fears and deal with them head on. This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been under the tutelage of Brady, my skydiving coach. Thanks to you Brady, several aspects of work and business have become a little less complicated. I have learned the importance of preparation, the importance of learning to deal with fear, and the ability to enjoy every moment. Thanks for the important lessons and for making me know that every day I am one step closer to whatever I aspire to become if I can put in the time to see that they are achieved.


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