Thanks to the Lifeguard I’m Alive

Be Prepared

Thurgum (1)

I thought it was going to be easy, seeing how my friends started out some months ago and were really good at it. I had everything, but I think I was just too scared to try things out for myself.  I took a vacation and went to Black’s Beach, San Diego, California and with what I had learned in a couple of weeks, I took to the waves thinking I was prepared for the ride of my life in one of the best beaches and the coolest surfing spots in the world. Well, I was wrong. I came up against a very strong wave and with 3 guys constantly taunting me about how I wasn’t supposed to be there and not being good enough, I misjudged the wave and was sent under colliding with another surfer. Last thing I saw was the back of another surfers board coming hard on my face and I lost consciousness. I was told that I almost drowned and had to be rescued by a lifeguard with the help of other surfers. I was shaken by my experience at the time but I am getting over it. I haven’t taken to the waves in a month now, but I will be doing so in nearest future – I really hope so. I thought I was ready at the time, but sadly I misjudged my preparedness. I am really grateful to the lifeguard and other surfers who I have become good friends with. I owe my life to you guys.


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