About This Site

This website came to exist in response to the constant, unending, daily beating my mind and heart are subjected to at news of the world’s many depraved characters, brought into my home and life in HD detail. Stories of terminally ambitious, power hungry thugs posing as legitimate politicians, and terrorists who claim allegiance to a religion which expressly forbids their behaviors fill my home. Murders, assaults, and wrongdoing of every imaginable description permeate my environment. Short of sticking one’s head in the ground, it is impossible to escape this deluge of shit, and it makes me angry and depressed.

It occurred to me than many of the traditional manners that used to mean something, for example using simple words like “please” and “thank you”, seem to have become far less commonly employed by society at large. Now we talk at each other, or around or over each other, in a fundamental breakdown of the societal norms which once helped unite us. Respect for others, empathy and compassion have become optional The spirit of public affirmation and mutual support has been displaced with an acrimonious intolerance for any other position outside our own.

We need to “reset”. We need to remember that successful sustained societies flourish only when united. Good manners might be a place to start. The expression of gratitude is constructive in relationships, fulfilling in spirit and elevates some of the better aspects of humanity’s potential. Positive energy and attitude are pre-requisite to a good life.

This site is an attempt to entice other like minded individuals to share their stories of gratitude, and in doing so uplift us all. I believe there’s more beauty in the world than the ugly, but the beauty seems much harder to see. Help us all see more.